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F.A. Maik … because we know, want and can.

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We rank among the most successful logistics companies, because we know how to implement the quality of our services, we want to improve ourselves and we all know that we can be even better.



We are pleased to inform all transport and logistics customers that F.a.Maik IT systems are now enable booking for every loading and unloading at F.a.Maiks' warehouses. Loading or unloading without prior booking will not be possible! More

Integrated Logistics Solutions in One Place

Based on your needs and your course of business, we prepare for you the most efficient way of combining logistics procedures into an integrated logistics process. We provide for you an integrated solution of the logistics process from reception of goods, the entry of goods into, and their removal from our storehouses, storage and commissioning of goods, customs clearance, and its final distribution to you or to your customer.


ISO 14001:2004 in ISO 9001:2008, IQ Net, AEO, SQAS, SEVESO