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New trucks


New trucks

In more than 20 years, we have established an efficient network of transport chosen partners.
With a large fleet of own trucks as well as our transportation partners cover transport loads across Europe – available at any time and anywhere.
Company F. A. MAIK d.o.o. has since 2012 certified Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004, responsibility for the environment in the pursuit. Already in 2007, the company began rebuilding trucks and bought seven trucks with Euro 5, with awareness and responsibility for reducing emissions of harmful substances. In subsequent years, bought 3 more such trucks. During these years the company has continued to strengthen action to protect the environment and develop a comprehensive system of environmental management. Today, our extensive activities in the field of environmental rated as “exemplary in the transport sector”, in the context of the external environment assessment. So we renovated the second third of the fleet and purchased 10 new trucks to the category of euro 5
So our environmental activities will be more active in terms of:
- Environmentally friendly supply of goods and provision of services
- Learning to protect the environment and promote co-workers to get involved in activities to protect the environment

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