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»MAN Customer Test Drive Award 2015«


»MAN Customer Test Drive Award 2015«

Company MAN is this year celebrating an important anniversary: 100 years of manufacturing commercial vehicles. As part of an important milestone in the company MAN prepared a “Test Drive Customer Award 2015″. The competition was held across Europe between June and September. Participants could test the powerful MAN TGX with the latest generation of engines D38, which currently represent the culmination of 100 years of development MAN engines and can reach up to 640 hp through a two-stage turbochargers. And saving champion MAN TGX EfficientLine2, which represents a concept vehicle for significant savings in fuel consumption. The bravest were tested on a week-long test drive, which ended with a competition for the most efficient driver. The efficiency drive was measured by means of MAN TeleMatics and supported by qualified tutors economical driving MAN ProfiDrive. In Slovenia, the competition involved more than 20 drivers. Enviable first place have earned Karel Vindiš the driver of the company F.A. MAIK TRANSPORT d.o.o. whit a vehicle MAN TGX EfficientLine D38 2 achieved an average fuel consumption of 27.5 / km and the highest grade A for economical driving style.

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