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Received a certificate of A Creditworthiness Rating for 2015

Trust and credibility are now rare qualities. Depending on the combination of different facts, that affect on the environment, it is difficult today to find a trusted business entity.
Company F. A. MAIK TRANSPORT D.O.O. has fulfilled credit worthiness criteria for 2015 and therefore belongs to the top Slovene companies that are allowed to use status A as a symbol of high Credit Rating Excellence.
The Credit Rating Excellence is an estimate of Agencies rating, based on the various criteria assess the credit quality of the entity over a longer period of past and present. Among other things, a component of the assessment of solvency, creditworthiness, indebtedness, profitability and various other criteria risk business with the company.
An entity that discloses Credit Rating Excellence, represents both the most reliable, credible and low-risk business entity to cooperate with all business partners: suppliers, customers, insurance companies, banks and other business partners.


Slovenian Logistics Association (SLZ) and his predecessors a decade awarded recognition Logist of the year. This year it was the recognition granted to the company F. A. MAIK Global Logistics Service Providers D.O.O. and the owner of the company Mr. Marjan Bezjak as one of the most advanced company in the field of logistics.
F. A. MAIK D.O.O. with 126 employees, more than 400 sub-carriers, ADR storage, decanting, we expanded its logistics activities to Croatia, where we have a 7,250 m2 ADR warehouse with rail driveway .. In 2017 we plan to upgrade a new logistics center in the industrial zone Tezno to connect with existing warehouse and thereby increase the capacity of storage places. In any case, the company operates in accordance with the law and the highest standards such as ISO9001 and 14001, SQAS and as a high level of risk, we acquired the Seveso.
From the project application, which we have must to fit six criteria of excellence in logistics (organizational, technological, informational, economic, developmental and environmental) shows that the company F. A. MAIK D.O.O. organized and managed the logistics at a high level and continually upgrading and continuing improvements.

»MAN Customer Test Drive Award 2015«

Company MAN is this year celebrating an important anniversary: 100 years of manufacturing commercial vehicles. As part of an important milestone in the company MAN prepared a “Test Drive Customer Award 2015″. The competition was held across Europe between June and September. Participants could test the powerful MAN TGX with the latest generation of engines D38, which currently represent the culmination of 100 years of development MAN engines and can reach up to 640 hp through a two-stage turbochargers. And saving champion MAN TGX EfficientLine2, which represents a concept vehicle for significant savings in fuel consumption. The bravest were tested on a week-long test drive, which ended with a competition for the most efficient driver. The efficiency drive was measured by means of MAN TeleMatics and supported by qualified tutors economical driving MAN ProfiDrive. In Slovenia, the competition involved more than 20 drivers. Enviable first place have earned Karel Vindiš the driver of the company F.A. MAIK TRANSPORT d.o.o. whit a vehicle MAN TGX EfficientLine D38 2 achieved an average fuel consumption of 27.5 / km and the highest grade A for economical driving style.

Safety Quality Assessment System – SQAS

SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) is a system to evaluate the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of Logistics Service Providers and Chemical Distributors in a uniform manner by single standardised assessments carried out by independent assessors using a standard questionnaire.

Football tournament with business partners in 2014

At the end of November, we organized a traditional football tournament with business partners FA Maik doo. It was attended 5 of visiting teams (GMT D.O.O., ECOLAB D.O.O., SLOVENIA HENKEL, HENKEL MARIBOR D.O.O. and GEBERIT D.O.O., and 2 home team (FA Maik d.o.o. and FA Maik Transport d.o.o.).

New trucks

In more than 20 years, we have established an efficient network of transport chosen partners.
With a large fleet of own trucks as well as our transportation partners cover transport loads across Europe – available at any time and anywhere.
Company F. A. MAIK d.o.o. has since 2012 certified Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004, responsibility for the environment in the pursuit. Already in 2007, the company began rebuilding trucks and bought seven trucks with Euro 5, with awareness and responsibility for reducing emissions of harmful substances. In subsequent years, bought 3 more such trucks. During these years the company has continued to strengthen action to protect the environment and develop a comprehensive system of environmental management. Today, our extensive activities in the field of environmental rated as “exemplary in the transport sector”, in the context of the external environment assessment. So we renovated the second third of the fleet and purchased 10 new trucks to the category of euro 5
So our environmental activities will be more active in terms of:
- Environmentally friendly supply of goods and provision of services
- Learning to protect the environment and promote co-workers to get involved in activities to protect the environment

Certifications & Awards

The company F. A. Maik group d.o.o. have employed a commitment that all of us, each in their own field, and together, exercise and improve our system works. This will contribute to the efficient functioning of the company, which has a broader social significance.
Company F. A. Maik group d.o.o. works and operates in compliance with regulatory requirements and guidelines of international quality standard ISO 9001:2000 and the environmental management standard ISO 14001:2004
We granted certification by Bureau Veritas Certification. Certification is carried out and assigned to the activity of both companies, including:
Implementation and organization of transportation, storage and distribution center, transport, customs clearance, marketing, purchasing

Preparing on the new standard in our company: ENVIRONMENT MANAG. SYSTEM ISO 14001.

The company will provide a basis for unifying the world business, technical support for legislation and to facilitate integration in to global chains and business.

Advertise on commercial vehicles

Advertise on our vehicles offer the benefits of your advertising.


Under the traditional Excellence Managers Conference, held in Bled 14.06.2011 Artemis Award received by the director. Mateja Glazer (for continuous development of the female manegment), which is a great honor for our company … we know how, we want it, we can do it.