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Who are we? - F.A. Maik … because we know, want and can.

Who are we?

Who are we?

The company F.A. Maik d.o.o., which carries out comprehensive logistics services, is in a 100% private ownership. The company founded in 1992, by Mr. Marjan Bezjak.

Commencements of operations have been focused on the freight forwarding and transport, later on we also developed an intensive storage area. The scope of our operations over the past years has increased. We are a fast growing company with a clear growth and development strategy.

We are a young and ambitious team. A team that is technically versed, confident and able to provide quality services in the field of logistics, which is becoming more and more complex. We are the third largest logistics company, carrying out comprehensive logistics services for a giant German concern for many years now. That is a fact, which places us at the very top in Europe.

With a well considered strategic policy and a desire to bring high-quality comprehensive solutions to our customers on the Balkan market, we opened a company in Serbia in year 2009. Our acquired experience and knowledge is constantly being refined, that is why we do our job extremely professionally.

We have learned that one of the best compliments for our customers is meeting their expectations and accepting their suggestions or comments. It is this realization that leads us to expansion of activities, which offer our customers a comprehensive range of services from storage of goods, to customs and transportation services. We realize that a satisfied customer is the best reference.

We rank among the most successful logistics companies, because we know how to implement the quality of our services, we want to improve ourselves and we all know that we can be even better.

Logistics is a process of strategic management, movement and storage of materials, parts and finished products from suppliers, through manufacturing company to end customers (Bowersoxs).

Managing director
Marjan Bezjak