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Vision - F.A. Maik … because we know, want and can.



The company carries out a comprehensive and responsible business-oriented policy that meets the interests of everyone evolved and has a high degree of social responsibility. Many years of economic and financial stability of the company gives our employees a job security, adequate living standards and motivates them to keep up with the good work.

Constant searching and implementing new business opportunities results in realization of planned objectives. We also pay a lot of attention to our business partners. With principles of mutual satisfaction in partner relationships we pursue new business potential of our company.

In the future, we remain focused on providing high quality, competitive and timely service in the field of storage, transport and customs operations. Nonetheless, we want to meet the expectations of our business partners and make the company F.A. Maik valued as an organization, which is, due to the introduction of modern management concepts, among the leading logistics companies in Slovenia.